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Meet the Alumni

Juan Bahena, Grad. 2017

MAES – Latinos in Science and Engineering was the fundamental pillar during my college experience at Arizona State University. This student organization helped me develop my professional and networking skills for the engineer I am today. I am a first-generation college student and MAES was the pipeline for being the best engineering professional I could be.

I joined MAES my freshmen year and felt passionate about its mission and values. I started in Fall 2013 with a background in mechanical engineering. I was able to run for Treasurer during my sophomore year where I was engaged into a leadership team with other college students. During my junior year, I was elected as the vice regional student representative on the MAES National Student Committee. In my final year as a Senior, I was the media intern for MAES national. MAES enabled me to become a campus and national leader within Arizona State University. 

 MAES opened up the doors for a familia and engineering opportunities. My closest friends throughout college were MAES students and professionals.  They all had the same background and mission and believed in me. This was the contributing factor to my success at university. MAES offered conferences, workshops, and leadership academies to develop my interpersonal and analytical skills.

Today, MAES means everything for me. I am a current mechanical engineer working for the Raytheon Company in Los Angeles, CA. I only hope to grow as a professional with the same vision and mission of MAES as I did in college.

Jason Enriquez, Grad. 2017

I have been a member of the MAES Familia since the end of his sophomore year. I completed my bachelor’s degree with Cum Laude honors in Materials Science and Engineering, and am currently a graduate student continuing my studies in Materials. During my time as an active member of MAES, I have taken executive board positions as Secretary and Vice President. I have attended two national conventions—in Las Vegas and Anaheim, as well as a chapter development summit in Fullerton, California. My favorite activity to partake in while in MAES was volunteering with the Si Se Puede Foundation to mentor elementary school students, and as a result, helped the Arizona State University chapter earn the MAES Volunteering Award in the 2017 national convention.